Jiu Jitsu question

best escape when someone is mounted on you and has just started to lock up the americana.

If it's a full mount sweep them.

Do an upa in the direction that the americana is going, you'll probably sweep him. If not possible have your other arm go over your head grab your hand (the one in danger) and pull it to safety.

If he has full mount he shouldnt go for the Key lock or American because his base shifts to one side. what I like to do when someone goes for it is when he is fully comitted to it put him in a Head and arm from the bottom, bridge up and roll over. Its a guaranteed sweep with a possible head and arm or side choke if you pull it off right.

if done right, no can defend. Thats a lie, do the armbar from the sidemount.

Your base does shift because in order to trap his shoulder you need your elbow on the side of his ear to keep the submission tight,and if you try it from full mount it takes your base away where you will be easily swept. Thats why they teach you to go for Americanas and Kimuras from side controll

there is no such thing as an easy sweep from mount. i can keep my hips down really tight when going for an americana. you arent just going to turn me over cause i have my hands down on one side.

when i am in that position, i roll over into turtle and play from there

Do an upa in the direction that the americana is going, you'll probably sweep him. If not possible have your other arm go over your head grab your hand (the one in danger) and pull it to safety. "
+1 here.....

In Wing Chun we teach people that fighting from mount bottom is just like fighting standing up, only you're horizonal with some weight on you. So realize that the straight blast chain punch technique is right there in front of you - take advantage of it and knock him out.

mount is for punching, IMO

It doesn't really matter what you do. If the guy is tough to hold down doing anything but gi-chokes shifts your base or you have to drop back to finish...even with those you have to raise up giving the guy an opportunity to roll you off quickly.

Armbar from mount, triangle from mount, key lock, americana... whatever.

If your fighting, just punch the fucker... if your in a tourney, lock up what you feel most comfortable with, and try to finish while he's busy trying to get out of your mount.

I like to lean to one side for a kimura, getting my foot on the opposite side up towards the outside of his shoulder. When the guy rolls, or trys to go out the back door, lock up a loose triangle, and finish the kimura. He either has to stop the leg from comming over, which makes it easier to finish the kimura, or he has to defend the arm, in which case I start the triangle.

but subs from mount get you rolled if th guy is tough to hold down... just try to finish when he does.

This is an option. In order for the mounted guy to do an americana, the arm that is grapping your wrist elbow is by your ear. Take your free hand and push on the guys arm at his trisep and upa/bridge at the same time in the same direction. Pushing the arm at the same time shifts his base even more which makes the upa much easier.


"is there anything wrong with punching your arm out in the same position as superman when he is flying?"

You can still be submittes from there, think Hughes/Royce. (although Royce didn't tap, I would have)

If you try and pull the other arm to safety with any experienced grappler, you are looking at a arm triangle, arm bar, inverted triangle etc...

better defense is dont get mounted! Damn white belts:)

thanks for the tips guys.

except you Derek Tomchek, im sure youve never been mounted, and recieved your BB in less than 3 months time.

the first thing to do is trap the arm by putting your head over it and to the ground from there he can pull all he wants he cant tap you, then from there work for the sweep... I do this all the time !!!!