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Hi my name is Freddy Trillo. I am a certified Gracie Jiujitsu Black Belt under the Valente Brothers. I have my own school centrally located in the Miami Lakes area, which is also close to Hialeah Gardens and Miami Gardens. We have classes 6 days a week. Are classes consist of Gracie Jiujitsu Fundamentals, Judo Takedowns Class, Advanced Gi & No Gi Classes and MMA Fight Class. We have classes for Children, Teens and Adults. Please feel free to come take a two week free trial.

18400 NW 75 Place #122

Miami, Fl 33015


Freddy Trillo

At what time are the adult classes? Phone Post 3.0

All adult classes begin at 7 pm. Call and leave me a message and I will tell you more info on the classes. We have for all levels, beginners to advanced. Phone Post

Great school and Freddy is a great person and great instructor



Here is my links for anyone interested in training with me. 

Thank you 

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We have an advanced/sparring class at 11:30am on saturdays. Sundays closed.
Come by the school anytime. We can talk.
18400 NW 75 Pl #122
Miami FL 33015
786-294-0447 Phone Post