Job Hunting Advice

Starting the arduous process of looking for a better job. Any general advice? 25, college grad, but have pretty mediocre work experience. auryte.

If I were you, I would apply for either the City, State, or Federal. The pay is ok, plus you have to look at the 'bennies', such as sick leave, medical, vacation, and oh yes! a retirement/pension. Plus, you are backed by a union so they look after your welfare, more or less. This adds up to what people call 'job security'...I am talking from experience-- twenty some year's in the City. Happy job hunting!

it's not a bad idea hs has. if i had to redo it though, i would've gotten into sales a LONG time ago. i'd be retired by now.

Its these "bennies" that is driving this state to be fucken broke imo

Diken Cider what kinda work do you do?