Joe Camacho turns 32 on Sunday!!!

On Sunday, October 3rd, I will turn 32 years old.
WOW, 32 and fighting.

I thought I'd be married by 30 to some fine female, using my bachelor's degree working as an artist (Graphic Designer) for some major firm, and maybe a fathering a child of my own.

Nope!!! I'm an aging fighter with my body full of aches and pains, not married, no kids, and I party too

Fuck it, I'm partying for my birthday!

I'll be at Sutra on Saturday. :)

All you heads should go and get smashed with me. :)


Joe Camacho

is that macho camacho??

because if so i work with his wife or ex wife......


Happy Birthday Joe Camacho.

Joe just write in 29 where it says fighter age on the contract.

I have done this for 5 years.

Good fight with Emerson by the way I lost 10 bucks on you, your hands have shown some good speed and power, who you fighting next?


Happy Birthday Kid :-)

What kind of music is sutras playing?

Where is it?

On Sunday, October 3rd, I will turn 32 years old also. I just got married last month and the only thing im fighting is the urge to go to the korean massage parlor. lol. Happy BD JC.

ttt for happy endings

Happy Birthday!

Camacho, good job on ur fight with emmerson!

That fight was fun to watch. you really took it to him. Thanks for making it an exciting fight you really set a fast pace on that one. Good luck in the future.

Thanks everyone.

My birthday was off the hook. Well, Saturday night at
Sutra was. I partied that night, the next day I was
hating life. My head was thump'n like if I had
subwoofers install in it. I drank so much, I was
speaking in tongues at the next of the
I could have sworn I had a full conversation in
Portuguese with some Brazilian hottie by the

That Sunday, my actuall birthday, I just stayed home
and watched tv all day & night. I was hurting

A few fine hotties even called to wish me a happy
birthday and wanted to take me out with them to
Pasadena but I was too hung over to do anything or I was like, "Fuck that! I'm not going
anywhere!!!" :)

Well anyway, thanks ya'll and thanks for you support
at the fights. You know I do my best to give a great
performance. Good looking out fellas!! :)


JC Plentee of skills...

Joe Camacho

Happy b-day Joe! you still train at subfac?