Joe Lauzon...

shows why elbows should stay in mma, he throws them with some serious power (even if they do hit ilegally on occassion)

the one who threw in his first fight was hellacious. and it missed, imagine what woulda happened it that landed.

Joe is a scary individual.

He's like Clark Kent before a fight, and Superman when he gets in there.

When he flips the switch, he REALLY flips the switch.



Raphael Assuncao fighting out of Atlanta who subbed Lauzon is fighting next weekend in Atlanta. This kid is going to be a superstar!

Cut stoppages suck.

There are some guys who would really have a good damaging weapon taken from their arsenal but mostly people use them to get the cut stoppage.

I could take them or leave them, especially the palm on face to elbow strike follow through. Definitely an attempt to cause a cut IMO.