Joe Riggs Headlines Duel for Domination


Duel for Domination Nov. 26 Phoenix AZ Tickets

November 3, 2011

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Duel for Domination

Saturday November 26, 2011

Club Doors @ 6:00 PM

Theatre Doors @ 7:00 PM

Showtime: 8:00 PM


Rows 1 = $103.00

Rows 2-5 = $78.00

Rows 6-13 = $53.00

Rows 14-25 = $28.00

Seating is in the Round.

All tickets purchased within 10 days of the show will be placed at will call.

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 Is he fighting somebody competitive or are you feeding him a Ham-N-Egger?

TTT for Riggs Phone Post

Ray Elbe -  TTT for Riggs Phone Post


crowbar -  Is he fighting somebody competitive or are you feeding him a Ham-N-Egger?

 I will be posting the fight card soon. :-)

I guarantee u won't guess his opponent. I was amazed. Damn, I hope it's announced soon. I will be doing an interview with him that will enlighten all.

But Riggs is a 170? Oih.?

Always liked riggs... Him and melvin have the same personality as far as over confident in the cage ... When they are humble and fight like there opponents can finish then also then they usually outclass them... TTT for Joe Riggs hope you put on a good show and get that w in devastating fashion ... Phone Post


 Riggs vs. Drew Fickett..... Oh what a brawl that'd be..

 I have seen the training sessions between Frickett and Joseph. Not pretty. On the interview I will do with him, I will ask him to recollect on the subject.

 Need a 45er? I could use a fight.

 I love me some Joe Riggs!


So who won ? Phone Post

Jake Devree -  Need a 45er? I could use a fight.

 Looks like you are currently under suspension in Florida.


TTT who won? Details ?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!!? Phone Post