Joe Rogan Experience - Mike Tyson

Man wouldn't that be awesome?

Do it Joe! Mike fucking Tyson!

yes, yes it would 

Would be awethome

Damn sooo fucking epic if that happened Phone Post

I would love to hear mike on the JRE Phone Post

Oh yeah Phone Post

Great idea.

That would be the shit! Tyson's on the road on his comedy show but in the so cal area in a week or two. Phone Post

Do it!

Mike would have so many awesome stories to tell! Phone Post

That would certainly be something. 


he isn't competing. if martial arts/fitness are a huge lifelong hobby/passion to you, and being active and accomplished in them on your own terms is important, then why not use modern science/medicine to keep your physical self up to a certain standard?

Please Phone Post

Tyson or W. Silva would be a pretty damn good couple of journeys to work!

i would love this podcast. huge tyson fan here Phone Post

Needs to happen. Phone Post