Joe Silva's matchmaking = upsets

With all the recent upsets, I hope Dana White, UFC, and Joe Silva learned their lesson. Stop giving top fighters scrubs or no names. Like for example Matt Serra, he shouldn't have fought GSP. I will let that one go because he was promised a title shot with the win of TUF4.

Gonzaga beating Cro Cop. Mirko Cro Cop came into the UFC with everyone ranking him as #2. He just won the OWGP 2006. Why does he have to fight two scrubs? They should have threw him right with a contender, Arlovski. So what if he lost? He lost to a fighter that is a former UFC HW Champion and it doesn't look too bad.

No namers shouldn't be fighting top vets and big names until they work their way through the ranks and make a name for themselves. A good example would be GSP.

And to all of you who think Rampage needs a tune up fight, fuck that. I rather Rampage lose to Chuck than lose to some no name.

Hopefully Joe Silva starts matchmaking so if either one fighter loses to doesn't mess up the rankings or look like a huge upset. Shiit. Look at the betting lines for all the underdogs who won. We should never see lines like that again.

I think the lesson for UFC to learn is to avoid putting all the hype in world behind just one fighter, and I don't think they've really done that TOO much anyway. New additions Rampage, Cro Cop, Nog, etc certainly all deserve to be hyped, but whenever they fight, each opponent must be hyped as well. Basically if they don't hype fights as mismatches then the recoil of a 'disappointing upset' won't exist

"Like for example Matt Serra, he shouldn't have fought GSP. I will let that one go because he was promised a title shot with the win of TUF4."

So I guess you wanted GSP to fight a Guy who wouldn't KO him in the 1st round?

GSP, barely escaped a beating by Penn and was submitted by Hughes. and beat a hughes that was obviously not on his best night.

RuleDogg, I think that would be the best way to go.

I wonder how Joe Silva matchmakes? Does he do it by rankings or what?

i agree with bishman 100%, its about time someone here knows what the hell thier talking about, upsets are made from mismatches! if two top guys fight each other there would be no upset and the rankings wouldnt be all screwed up, the ufc is about the show not the fighters

"a few months ago i would agree with you 100%, but after the last few lack luster fights that were supposed to be great...i dont know if i want to see 2 big name fighters fight each other anymore"

finally people come around...

I've never cared about the names of fighters. To me, entertainment in MMA is two closely matched fighters eg Edgar v Griffin.. The amount of times big name fights are let downs far outweighs when they are absolute barn-burners. I like the big fights to know and work out rankings, but as far as actual entertaining MMa fights, just give us two well matched dudes.

I enjoy watching all MMA, I like the small shows and the big shows. The insistence on having the best fight each other all the time is good and necassary, but in MMA, with all of the difffernt ways fights can finish, you can't load all of your entertainment value with 'the big matchups'.

If you can't beat the "Scubs and no names" then you don't deserve a top
contender or title shot! Simple math...

thats the problem , the guys at the top are not the best, they ars just more marketable

"the guys at the top are not the best, they ars just more marketable"

A great point, and that will be something very hard for MMA to get over..

Too many Silvas in MMA, imo

The problem with your argument: Gonzaga is a top fighter, not a scrub. A few years from now, this won't look like an upset.

if the ufc marketed both guys equal the fights wouldnt look so much like upsets, they make off like their bringing in these monsters, so they think their going to give them a couple of easy fights to live up to the hype, but they give them the wrong guys for what they are trying to accomplish, thats why all the top guys are getting beat...the bottom line is bad matchmaking!!!