Joey Beltran shopping in Indy, talks Mitrione

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 Not bad. I am rooting for him!

Beltran seems like a good guy. But his chance against Meat is on the ground, not standing. Beltran has wild and looping shots, while Meat has the reach and throws punches straight down the pipe. Chin wise, both seem pretty solid.

Meat has shown terrible takedown defense and Beltran has shown he's not against taking a fight to the ground if he might be in trouble standing, ie the Houston Alexander fight.

PJ Benn Fan -  Not bad. I am rooting for him!

High 5

"He said that I've never felt grown man strength. I'm a grown ass man Matt; you're going to find out on Saturday. He's kind of made it a little personal with those insults."

"That's not only a slap in the face to me, it's disrespectful to all the great fighters I've beaten in the past and to all my training partners. So I'm going to make him pay."

"This is the first time he’s honestly ever stepped in a cage with a real MMA fighter and he’s not going to be able to hang, I know it. I’m going to press him and just make him fight the whole time. To the point where he’s going to change his mind from wanting to be in there, from wanting to win to just wanting to survive. To looking for w ay to get out of there, he’s going to be hoping the ref’s going to stop it and I’m going to give him a reason too."
Love it.