John Danaher says

there are no renditions of the straight arm lock outside of Japan prior to the 20th century (BJJ Fanatics Podcast 5).

Also, that the triangle choke has no record before 1913 (BJJ Fanatics Podcast 1).

Really makes ya think.

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Time stamped video about the triangle.

Time stamped video about the straight arm lock.

FWIW, keep in mind that Danaher --as skilled & smart as he is-- was pretty clearly factually incorrect with the history he wrote in his/Renzo’s Book “Mastering Jujitsu”.

Most BJJ guys weren’t open to hearing the truth about BJJ history back then. Some where --especially Judo/BJJ guys-- but many weren’t and many just didn’t care one way or another. But, there were good history threads in a couple Judo forums back then that contained all kinds of info I never heard from the BJJ world for at least another decade.

Danaher was towing the Gracie line I suppose. I have no idea what he knew & didn’t know when he wrote that book. But, If you’re familiar with the books & info by Drysdale in his book, the 3 volumes of “Choque”, etc. It’s pretty damn clear that Danaher’s history in that book is not factually accurate. Just something to keep in mind.


Danaher just rubs me the wrong way for some reason. And that rash guard is still his shtick…


Im not a fan. I also think Paul Schreiner is a superior instructor.

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Who? I’m not being an asshole. I have no idea who that is

Instructor at Marcelo’s. He’s a better instructor generally, however he is without a doubt less knowledgeable.


Danaher is going to end up dead from botched autoerotic asphyxiation.


Id say Danaher dives deeper into things, but I love Pauls teaching style

You don’t know John if you think that.

He’s my dad


Do you know him? I don’t know him at all personally but I think his instructionals are great and I like his personality as it seems to be in his videos.

If you know him, to the extent that you think it’s ok to share, what is he like?

You like his instructionals? I can’t do it.


Do it. Tell me.

I knew him pretty well. He’s def become a lot more mellow over the years. I don’t think he enjoyed teaching class to the general public very much. I don’t think the average person is committed or talented enough to really learn what he is teaching. He seemed much happier when he was teaching class only to the really high level guys.

In lieu of talent, if someone works very intelligent and very hard he respects that.

He’s really one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. People don’t realize how bad his knees are. I think being in constant pain from the condition of his knees made him a little short tempered sometimes.


Thanks man. Those are some interesting insights. I am a big fan of his. Great mind and a great teacher.


No problem. Everyone should get the chance to train with him for a little bit.