John Fitch Highlight (vid)

Check it out...


 Why wont it let you post a video in the opening post?  Lame!

Lol, I wondered what that was going to look like. Some fighters just aren't highlight reel kinds of fighters; they just don't pull off anything spectacular. Although, I might say differently if showed Fitch cutting weight. The guy is amazing at that.

you have to specify that it is a video thread when you create it.

 Here's one of him vs. Shonnie Carter at our SHOOTO show 11/14/03:


Towe, I just got off the phone with the attoneys at Zuffa. Expect a letter in the mail soon.

Sweet highlight

Who cares GB, I got the video from Fitch...  Dana has my cell phone #, no worries!


Lets go get a burritto, Im starving!

I need to diet.

HansumBoy - I didnt think it was possible make a highlight of a boring LNP fighter like Fitch...

Fitch isn't boring at all...  He's one of the smartest fighters out there IMO.  If he has to, he can hang with the best of them standing.  TRUST ME ON THAT. 

Baroni, Cung, Swick, Kos, ANYONE will tell you just how much of a beast John is ALL AROUND, not just in wrestling.

 GB, Im down about 25 pounds in 6 weeks... Just eat good during the week, and cheat on the weekends.  It works!  I should be back around 200 by June!

Pick up a John Fitch shirt there... They are actually pretty nice, not your typical MMA looking shirt!