John Lewis Grappling Ability

I know John is a second degree black belt in BJJ and from what I have been told one of the few people who have received a black belt from "Judo" Gebe Lebell.

Now with that being said, I have seen him fight and yes he is a badass. He is quick with his hands. I just havent seen his actual hardcore ground game.

My question to anybody is how bad is he really on the ground? I know he has some very nice belts, but I honestly have not seen him get down and busy on the ground.

If anybody can shed some light on where to buy some tapes of him in action, please let me know. Or if anybody has or still trains with him.

Thanks in advance and keep training like mad men.


I don't think he is a LeBell Black Belt.

John Lewis Bio  (according to )

  1. 2nd Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

    • 2 years under Rickson Gracie
    • 5 years under Andre' Pederneiras, who is a 3rd Degree Black Belt under Carlson Gracie

  2. 1st Degree Black Belt in Judo

    • 6 years under The Grappling Master, "Judo" Gene LeBell
    • Also Professor LeBell's 1st Black Belt student

  3. 2nd Degree Black Belt in Sho Kon Do (Japanese Kickboxing)

    • 6 years under founder Dan Koji
    • Also Professor Koji's 1st Black Belt student

  4. 1st Degree Black Belt in Japanese Jiu-Jitsu

    • 3 years under Gene LeBell

  5. Extensive Boxing under "Saigon" Skipper Kelp

he held his own vs carlson gracie jr years ago during the moments they spent on the ground

Randy Couture always says good things about John Lewis.

I always like JL. I'm a bigger fan of Pulver. Has JL woken up yet?

Legit Black Belt in BJJ...

He's better on the ground than standing, from what I've seen.

Hunter, do you know the deal with his claimed "Gene LeBell Black Belt"?

I always wondered if his BJJ was legit, I know of a black belt that went to his school and trained a couple months. He said that John Lewis was very good. He said that he wiped the mat with everyone.

think he went the distance with Uno in Abu Dhabi for what that's worth.

  • Uno actually choked out Lewis.

weird......saulo is a second degree black belt. other note worthy second degrees that i know of: tita batista and rod gracie.

i dont know if 7 years constitutes a 2nd degree black belt. oh well.

He's a good teacher!

john has alot more than seven years in bjj. hell even i have more than seven. besides being one of the coolest guys i know he is also very skilled w/ and without the gi. anyone who has trained w/ him will tell you the same. if you watch some of his fights in extreme fighting you can see him using butterfly guard type sweeps when not many knew what the hell they were. the guy is as legit as they come.

when he fought jr. all he did was hold the cage.
he did NOT want to be on the ground. i always thought that was the fight that made him start grappling. did he know how to grapple back then?

He did school Johil DeOliviera in Extreme. Ive seen Johil give JJ guy's fits in other matches but could do almost nothing against Lewis.

was hoping to see more ground work when he fought Lowell Anderson.

he trained under rickson b4 he fought carlson jr. there were moments on the ground and jl did just fine

John is legit! Excellent grappler and great person.