John P. Abney vs Cole Abate - Fight to Win Pro 2

Cool match by 2 of my tiny amigos.


Talented kids. Don't know Cole, but John comes to train whenever he is in L.A. --Really awesome kid!

John is out of Jeff Mesina's place BJJ Revolution and Cole is out of Rodrigo Pinhero's in San Antonio. Great kids and they LOVE Jiu Jitsu. Super tough competitors and always fun to watch. If anybody has a nice comment to say I will be happy to share it with their parents. :)

This thread didn't get too much attention on the BJJ forum. Moving to the UG. I'd like to share some nice comments with their parents if you guys could contribute. They are having a rematch on March the 4th and with the rules changing it cannot come to a draw. I'm super excited. Hope y'all enjoy the video!!