Johnnie Morton Wont be back!

Breaking News: CSAC Indefinitely Suspends Morton Options: Email Article | Printer Friendly Breaking News: CSAC Indefinitely Suspends MortonSunday, June 03, 2007 by Josh Gross ( Following his mixed martial arts debut Saturday in Los Angeles, former NFL football player Johnny Morton was indefinitely suspended by the California State Athletic Commission after the 35-year-old from Torrance, Calif. refused to take his post-fight anti-doping test, CSAC Executive Officer Armando Garcia told Morton will not be paid the $100,000 purse he was slated to receive after fighting the Ivory Coast's Bernard Ackah (Pictures). The former USC Trojan wide receiver fell to Ackah in just 38 seconds when an overhand right dropped him cold to the canvas. Paramedics attended to Morton in the ring, fitting him for a cervical collar before carrying him out of the ring on a stretcher. He was taken to California Hospital, where Morton's trainer Mike Guymon (Pictures) said he was alert and conscious. As part of the CSAC's anti-doping policy, Morton provided a sample prior to his fight. Garcia said that sample will be tested.

why would they test him twice?


When do they do the first urine/blood test? I'm guessing he could take some illegal substances between then and the fight..

the csac official never leaves your side, how can u take anything when hes
standing there?

Honestly, I have to wonder if Johnnie Morton has had serious football concussions and that was why he went out the way he did. That punch shouldn't have put anybody down for that long.

Did Johnny Morton really die?

He was moving his hands and had opened his eyes by the time he left the ring via stretcher.

i thought they only test twice for title bouts,one weeks before and another right after the fight?

I doubt any major state (CA, NY, NJ ect) will ever sanction a Johnnie Morton fight in any sport ever again. Same deal that happened to Jeremy Williams after the Sam Peter fight. Either way, piss or punch, he shouldn't be back.


you could easily stick a catheter in him at the hospital?

Oh man...100K down the tubes :(


^In the world on understatements that is a big one.

Chalk up another one in the "i tried to use illegal substances and still lost" column.

And how stupid are these guys? You know you're going to be tested, you know they can take away your paycheck...yet they still take shit.

Getting KO'd ain't that bad at all if someone hands you a 100k check the next day.

What an idiot.

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