Joint suppliments

Sorry if this is a repeat. What part do Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM each play in joint recovery? Whats the diff between the types of Glucosamine (HCL)or Glucosamine Sulfate? Is there any reason diabetics shouldn't take this? Please TTT because I only have email at work right now.


May increase sugar levels,would watch your glucose. Most studies(not all) show modest benefit,similar to motrin, for mild osteoarthritis. The deal about cartilage growth is pure conjection. not proven yet

Studies seem to show similar benefits with respect to pain
relief from taking Glucosamine and NSAIDS (Ibuprofen,
Advil, Motrin...), but there is an important difference. While
Ibuprofen may help your pain, if taken for a long time it
apparently speeds up joint damage and inhibits the
synthesis of chondroiton. (American Journal of Medicine.
1987 Nov 20;83(5A):29-34)

Glucosamine shows no long-term negative side effects, and
in several studies even continued to provide pain-relief 30
days after the subjects stopped taking it.

As far as diabetes goes, technically Glucosamine is a
carbohydrate, but the body does not convert it to glucose.
There had, however, been some animal studies done with
mega doses of glucosamine that suggested that glucose
levels do rise. A recent study done on humans with normal
therapeutic doses shows that there is no appreciable effect
on glucose levels. (Archives of Internal Medicine, July 13,

1987 study is not considered to be true , it was bases on in vitro data if I recall. No evidence clinically of damage to joints. Glucosamine could not show long term side effects, because there are no long term studies! Most drugs have very little long term data.

OK, thanks.

Thanks guys, so it appears that noone is all that impressed with the results?

What results?

I mean to say, it seems that noone so far on this thread seems to be impressed with the results they have read or researched about getting from these suppliments.

I agree, the results are usually moderate, but some seem to get good relief

i can honestly say that the glucosamine helped me. i had injured my shoulder back in 93 and, since then i have always had this burning pain on top of my shoulder. well, about a year ago a friend told me to try glucosamine sulfate and i'd say about 2 months into using it, i have never had the flare up in my shoulder. i'm not saying it'll work for everyone but, it worked for me.

Great, it does work for some people.