Joker welcomed by IFL Scorpions !

Facing Pat Healy June 16th Vegas ! Congrats Joker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TTT for Joker!!


TTT for Joker

Saw you today Fabio and didnt recognize you in your rockstar status ^ Apple Fritters

joker's a good guy. congrats.

^^ Joker appears out of shape in the above pic. LOL

War Joker!!!11

It was pretty hard seeing Joker in tears today at Jeremy's service (along with about 1500 others).Man did Jeremy touch a lot of people. These guys (The crew of friends) sincerely cared for each other. All the best to these people. I'm sure that there will be a thread or writeup on his service very soon. As Jeremy's father said we need to keep the "you need a hug" alive on Jeremy's behalf.

Good news

      Thanks guys... I will do my very best in there for you and my family. This fight will be for you J.W.

To everyone who knows me knows I have a hard time fighting. Jeremy was a great friend in so many ways and helped me deal with my emotions come fight time. This fight will be my most emotional fight to date. I will pour my sole into this fight if it is the last thing I do on this Earth.

       I just want to say to friend or foe on here... I love you guys so much. Don't ever forget how important we all are to some one. Next time you see a friend let them know how you feel about them... you just never know when something stupid may happen.

TTT...Great fighter for the IFL to pick up!!!

THANK YOU IFL FOR REMEMBERING TONIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The IFL is all class... What they did for the williams family was great. They will also be flying Jeremy's parents to the Chicago fight. I makes me feel good to fight for an orginzation that cares about their fighters.

The IFL is all class

Almost , I have yet to hear back from Dear Don on whipping your ass into shape with a frying pan .