Jon Fitch Q&A Friday

Former UFC and current World Series of Fighting welterweight Jon Fitch will be doing a Q&A on Friday before WSOF 23. Fitch's schedule is packed, but we hope he will be on sometime not too far from 7:00 p.m. ET!

WSoF 23 is headlined by WSOF lightweight champion Justin Gaethje and top contender Luis Palomino in a rematch. Their first fight was a fight of the year candidate, and is widely considered to be the best fight in the league's history. The event is held in Phoenix, AZ and will air on NBCSN in the U.S and on Fight Network in Canada.

Please leave questions now, and Fitch will come on Friday and reply. He will also reply live to questions posted when he comes on, on a time available basis. Please keep the questions respectful, as if you were speaking with Mr. Fitch face to face.

I sure hope the UG stays classy. Phone Post 3.0

Why has there been so much difficulty forming a fighters union, in your opinion ? Any advice or plausible solutions for guys reading this ?
Also, do you still train with Josh ?

Do you remembering demonstrating a high crotch single on me? I do...

Phone Post 3.0

Awesome TTT.....does BoilerBrawn have a fight lined up?

And why Gaethje/Palomino 2? Is the WSOF LW roster really that shallow? Phone Post 3.0

Steroids is all that comes to mind. Phone Post 3.0

wow! great job Kirik.. 


Welcome back to the UG Jon!!


So how's life treating you outside competing?

You ever miss Indiana?

Have you ever thought about selling a "Fitch Face" t-shirt?


Son Of A Fitch




Do you think switching to vegan diet impacted your strength and probably attributed to your loss?

Have you stopped that diet and got back on eating meat?

Thanks and good luck!

  • What do you think is the single biggest problem with the UFC in the way it treats the fighters and/or approaches the sport?

    - What do you make of King Mo's comments that MMA still isn't a pure sport because the competitors are pressured into fighting in a certain way and rewarded for recklessness?

    Thanks Jon! You're a beast mate Phone Post 3.0

Won't let me post wtf Phone Post 3.0

What surprised you the most when you fought GSP for the WW title ? That was a awesome fight and you showed a ton of heart in that fight , you kept coming forward the whole fight ... GSP had a way of negating everyone's strength and I wasn't sure how he'd deal with your takedowns and GNP ...

How do you think a rematch would go between you two if you fought again ?

Always a fan of yours and thanks for doing this Q and A ... Phone Post 3.0

Do you hate Steve Mazzagatti? Phone Post 3.0

I'd love to hear Fitch's perspective on steroids.
It would hold more weight to me than anyone else 's opinion in the sport I can think of.
I'd just love to hear it. From a totally non judgmental long time fan.
I've been watching Fitch since I started watching MMA.

If you don't want to comment that's all good with me. I understand

However I'd really appreciate a pull no punches, tell us all what the fucks up response.
One of the things I like about Fitch in the interviews I've seen is the intelligent points of view he gives. Phone Post 3.0

Curious on his perspective on Mma as a pure sport contest vs as entertainment for viewers, and related to that how he feels his style impacted his career/ if he would change anything if he could go back ? Phone Post 3.0

I've been to a few of your seminars. I fought and won at the war memorial coliseum when where a celebrity guest around 2010. You signed my shorts at the coliseum and knew me by name. I always respected that about you.

I still live right by Fort Wayne. Would you like to know how things are going around here? Phone Post 3.0

Fitch, do you lurk the OG?

Do you still drink two glasses of water every morning?

I used to do this after watching your video and I had to go find a toilet twice before reaching my office for work :D

Do you still play games? I remember you mentioning Skyrim, what are you playing now (if you are still playing)?

What do you think about the future of MMA, will it grow, stay the same for a while or go down?