Jon Jones Drawing. Plz Check it!

Hope you like the new drawing.

 Damn dude.

Your work is always top notch.  I put two of your prints and one of your originals on my birthday wish-list.

Another awesome drawing. Looks good!

That is awesome!

Unbelievable man! I went to my head office in Wasaga Beach, Ontario recently and saw a bunch of your prints nicely framed and hanging around the office. The boss man likes.

God is good.

 Got damn, that looks...Fuckin spectacular(1st word that popped in my head)!!!

Great work Shoman...

Fade2Bolivian - I don't know much about art, but it sure looks like you know what the fuck you are doing.

lol +1

Oh, yeah, I'm gunna be buying that one. I'll probably have a half-dozen of Evan's prints up in the house by the end of the year.

That is sweet! Phone Post

Best yet.

Holy shit


Wow I'm always impressed with your art. Very well done! Phone Post

Es muy bueno brosif!!

Nice work

damn dude looks killer

Awesome work as usual.

Question: Why did you leave off his tattoo in the foreground drawing?

Again, great work!



Evan delivers again. I'd like to see an Alistair drawing next, that would sell.

Bradu should take notes Phone Post