Jon Jones is the runt of his family

Just think about that for a minute. The greatest fighter on the planet is the runt of his family. That’s why he had to pursue wrestling and than eventually transition into mma. Some of these high level athletes in the nfl would mop the floor with ufc fighters if they had ventured down the path of mma.


If your auntie had balls she’d be your uncle


I had an auntie. Auntie Air Craft is what we called her. She always gave us a lot of flak.


Jones is the most overrated fighter in mixed martial arts history. He’s a serial liar, cheater and criminal. He’s on a two-fight losing streak at light heavyweight and Dana gifted him a heavyweight title fight? Shit is faker than WWE.

Prime Liddell would smoke prime Jones. Prime Luke Rockhold was better than Jones.


I’d rather be the UFC LHW/HW champion of the world and the greatest mixed martial artist of all time than just some random player on a football team


If a from had wings he wouldn’t bump his ass a-hoppin…

Your avatar just reminded me. I had a dream Devon showed up to one of my BJJ classes and I taught him how to heel hook people just to see what damage he could do.

By the way, 3 years of training Devon vs 3 years of training Jones bros other than Jon: bet the house on Devon


Could u imagine Devon cranking on a Kimura,

He’d rip it clean off


Devon almost chose MMA instead of arm wrestling. Early UFC would have been vastly different had someone like him just destroyed the Gracie’s in the early UFCs.

If the Gracie’s didn’t have their glory and got pieced up, I wonder what would have happened with the promotion.


Arm wrestler Vs Arm wrassler in MMA

Devon Vs Goodridge (Prime)

Have to go Gary. He trained striking at least. I have to think he’d crush Devon standing

Devon has done some judo though. He might get a hold of that black gi and then its a different story

Also, I always thought the arm wrestling thing was a gimmick for Gary. Only when I started watching arm wrestling recently did I realize Gary was really good.

He beat Brzenk and Cleave Dean. That’s like theMMA equivalent of Jon Jones and Fedor



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Jon would murder any of them now though, he might be the runt but he has surpassed them all in fighting ability.

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You should check reddit you would feel safe there and definitely would fit :joy:


Shame they wasted their athleticism on that fucking snoozefest then.

Great speech

Great Job Reaction GIF

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Don’t do drugs kids

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So Nytron is retarded on both sides of the forum


Which ones exactly?

Frank Gore got beat up by Deron Williams of the nba in boxing

We saw how Greg Hardy did in the UFC.

I think the NFL players are fine where they are and should save their fighting for hotel elevators.

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NFL players should worry about defending their unbeaten streak in domestic violence.

I think collectively the NFL players are 3456-0-0 in physical altercations with their spouses