Jon Jones = Not that great

I'd say he is more than good and a good roll model too. Phone Post

TOAO - If jon wad rashad evans size jon jones wouldnt even be in bellator Phone Post

And if he was giant silva's size he'd play basketball. Phone Post

The best 205er ever is not that great? Bizarro world, opposite day, op sucks penis, or all of the above?

??? Phone Post 3.0

Unsure if your all there.... Phone Post 3.0

So, I can't fighter bash, but my feelings towards JBJ are unfavorable.This post is stupid. Phone Post


Pls wear "I GOT WEE'D ON BY WEIDMAN" hat in his post OP..

Wow.. um I admit im one who thought Gus couldhave gotten the nod in his last fight but to say Jones isn't a great fighter really made me scratch my head lol.
The guy is a specimen and has decimated everyone due to his freakish physical attributes and skill, plus he has proven to be a touch mofo who fights through pain and adversity. Sure he didn't dominate Gus but that simply because Gus is the only one who could literally hang with him at 205.
Leaps and bounds ahead of all the others at this point and can go down as the greatest at 205 ever

In standup, Jones has an excellent spinning elbow, but not much else.

MrDrak - What I see when I see Jon Jones fight is he is very stiff which makes him very likely to get hit with someone with the fighting capability of the greatest out there. He seems very awkward, which means if he gets attacked with a good flurry of connects Jones wouldn't know how to respond to it. Jones is too hesitant, if he wants to make an impact and take away the chance of him getting himself hit he shouldn't hesitate to throw his punches.

End of story.

Speed, Head movement, footwork, punches and sub defense are all pretty damn bad

Leg kicks and head kicks are good but not great

Wrestling and elbows are pretty dam good. His wrestling is not as great as people claim but it is very good

Use of reach is fucking phenomenal. He's the best in mma at that. Putting it all together for a winning formula? Yup he is also phenomenal at that.

Fighting skill/technique wise he still needs allot of work. MMA winning formula with what he's got is off the charts. The biggest thing is his uncanny abilityto use his reach. At lhw itll b a while before he gets beat. At hw the size and reach advantageis not on the same level so his lackluster skill/technique will show Phone Post

Braulio Low Estima -

If jon wad rashad evans size jon jones wouldnt even be in bellator Phone Post

but he's not. he's jon jones' size, which is why he's jon jones.
But if Jon jones was rashad Evans he probably would have lost to Jon Jones. Phone Post 3.0