Jon Jones versus Khabib on Twitter

Earier, I clicked a headline from a news feed.

Khabib said Jon Jones wife is a punching bag and Jon tweeted back “at least mines not a towel”

Now, I don’t see it reported anywhere? What gives?


Didn’t Conor already use that exact line?

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bahahaha really? that guy sucks so hard, he really wants to be Conor so bad :joy:

One guys does really bad things over and over, the other just advocates for those who do even worse. I dislike them both.


pretty much this. although, i will say jones pretty much pays for doing the dumb, bad shit he does. khabib just sits back and advocates killing people, rape, without consequence. if i had to chose between those awful two i’m picking jones all day every day, as bad as that may sound jaja…


Did this happen?

Why isn’t the mma media reporting it?

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Jon Jones is a garbage human. Khabib is also a garbage human he just has a veil of religion over it so some people give him a pass.

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You might be onto something here…

When its fight stuff or important I try to verify a bit before weighing in. When its just shit talk I tend to just hope its real and not worry if it made me laugh.

Fee same way.

Just wondering why the mma media is colluding and ignoring it.

Fucking post the fucking tweets stop blue balling me.

The article no longer exists and people delete tweets.

I can’t find this anywhere. And I’m a millennial social media is my specialty

Nvm. Here it is lol

No clue if it’s real or not

I know, Khabib will never be Conor though

Says Jones quote is from Facebook. Anybody still use that app?

Jones pretty much pays?

The guy has received only a few slaps on the wrist for putting people at serious risk, and the UFC has accomidated his bullshit.

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That graphic looks fake to me