Jon Jones vs Chris Weidman

Since Andy went down I want to know what people think of this match up.
Who wins? First post. Be nice :P Phone Post 3.0

I think it's very interesting. A lot of people on here will say there's no way Weidman has a chance but I disagree. That's a fight that becomes possible and more interesting down the road. However I believe Weidman would be in that fight today and it wouldn't be an easy win for either guy. Phone Post

jones by pure murder Phone Post 3.0

Jon Jones is a bigger Chris Weidman. There really is no discussion, IMO.

This answers the question though.Weidman smashed Silva, pretty obvious what Jones would've done..... Seriously it wouldn't have even been competitive.....

Dmoney35 - jones by pure murder Phone Post 3.0
/thread Phone Post 3.0

Jones by submitting him with the tip of his penis whenever he wants. Stupid thread. Phone Post 3.0

MW? LHW? Phone Post 3.0

MT11 - MW? LHW? Phone Post 3.0
Lets say catch weight. 195 Phone Post 3.0

After seeing weidman ko silva ill never bet against him again!

But jones Phone Post

Frank Gallagher - He better dive for a leg Phone Post
I damn wish shogun came in with that strategy. The wide man is an intelligent fighter so it could be a go. I think it's an interesting fight. Phone Post 3.0

NugInPuss -
MT11 - MW? LHW? Phone Post 3.0
Lets say catch weight. 195 Phone Post 3.0
One thing I never understand is there are people that complain about Jones fighting at LHW saying he's a HW. Then there are people that want him to fight at less than 205.

But my opinion on the question is that Jones wins by size and domination. Phone Post 3.0

Jones murders him.

Willy the Coyote - 

Come on, guys. Jones would ragdoll Chris with ease. Phone Post


Lets see if he can defend his belt first.

Willy the Coyote - See Jones vs Bader. Phone Post
Bader beats Weidman too Phone Post 3.0

Lmao!! Let see if Weidman can beat Silva when he's fighting, not dancing, and then we'll talk about it. I am a Weidman fan, but we all saw what happened. Phone Post 3.0

The only chance Weidman has is if he uses the MW belt to hit Jones on the head WWE style. He'd be disqualified, but at least he'll run his mouth the next day saying "I KO'D the LHW GOAT!".

But seriously, Jones butchers Weidman in round 1 and leaves him in a pool of his own blood.


I would not put anyone as a favorite against Jones, ANYONE, even at HW.

This threads ridiculous

NOBODY should entertain the thought of weidman fighting jj at lhw, the size difference would be retarded

Just because silva has the build to fight at lhw it doesn't mean every mw does Phone Post

NugInPuss -
MT11 - MW? LHW? Phone Post 3.0
Lets say catch weight. 195 Phone Post 3.0

Then my answer depends on which limb jones is removing to nake the weight. Phone Post

Señor Penis - CW does better than everyone else. Phone Post
I agree with this 11er.... Phone Post 3.0