Jon Tarrh joins Damage Inc.!!!!!!!

We are pleased to announce that Jon Tarrh has joined the Damage Inc. fightteam and will be moving to Indianapolis. Jon is 13-6-0 as a professional and yet only 24 yrs. old. He jumped at the chance to train daily with the likes of Chris "The Exorcist" Price, Davion Peterson, and Jesse Chilton. Not too mention being coached by the likes of Jon Stutzman, Wes Ramey jr., Jimmy Campbell, John Castle, Ian Ransberg, Jim Phillips and Rex Holman. Welcome aboard Jon!

Him and I will spoon.


Only if the fan is's too damn hot for that mess.

After a long and controversial career path, I have finally found where I belong.....Glad to be a part guys!!!

Dont worry I keep my room at 64 degrees.

Welcome to the team, Johnny!

Hell yeah!!!!