Jones: Not here to show that I'm a better talker

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                                Jones: I'm not here to show that I'm a better talker

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"I'm not here to show that I'm a better talker, to show that I'm better at arguing, to show that I'm better at insulting," Jones, who on Saturday headlines UFC 135 opposite Jackson at Denver's Pepsi Center, today told "That's not my mission. My mission is to come out of Sept. 24."

Not to disappoint, Jackson accused Jones of spying on his camp a few weeks prior, which for the moment broke the champ's plan to stay as silent as possible. And unfortunately, his media tour is "somewhat mandatory."

So Jones has been forced to respond by denying Jackson's charges, and he's issued his own accusation that the former champ is just fighting for money. Still, he knew this was coming. He had consulted YouTube.

"I understand what I'm up against," he said. "I've been a fan of Quinton before fighting him, so I've been watching all the YouTube videos, and his whole past and the things that he's said in the past and the character that he is. So it's just understanding what you're up against. I'm up against a guy who loves to entertain, and that's just the beast that I'm fighting. So my awareness helps me keep my composure."

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I hope rampage brings him down a notch. Jon jones has got awesome talent will be a tremendous fighter for years to come but I think he is in need of an ego check.. Interesting to see if he wins and comes out with an injury..... Thus making shad wait or fight again..


 Then stop talking please , Jon.

God that is a queer mustache hahaha Phone Post

brahmabull81 - 
ABE FROMAN -  Then stop talking please , Jon.

Lol Jones sounds very cool and collected, now listen to Rampage I realy hope he's hyping the fight cause he is being simply outclassed and i am rooting for him to defeat Jones but come on guys.

I thought he was the Ali of MMA, he best get learning how to talk shit.

Rampage is one of the best trash talkers in the sport.

Jones doesn't stand a chance in that arena.

I dunno I guess Rampage is hyping the fight but man he is definitely adding a lil' incentive for Jones to add a lil' mustard to those elbows...Ouch!! Then again he might truly believe he sees something he can expose but man they are both Hyping the fight well...Ramapage just hammering Jones...on the other side Jones Fueling the fire by being respectfull which actually makes his haters hate him more...Kill em' with

ProteinPower - 
Stu P Dasso - Gets embarrassed by 'less intelligent' rampage. Pretends he doesn't care/wasn't trying to save face. <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

Drink piss hater, Face the facts Jones is right. If i want to see people talk shit i'd go and watch the WWE or Chael Sonnen interviews.


Well it is true, he's a GREAT listener. Phone Post