Jones should be asked to move to HW soon

His performance against a top 5 fighter in Rampage looked like a cat playing with a mouse before devouring it for dinner, with a bored, unenthusiastic ease.

In a year or so, DFW should ask him to consider moving to HW. At 25, he could be a real force at HW.


Yep it wasn't that intertaining because no one can even make it a fight with him. He was just playing with page

I'm not sure about a move just yet. Maybe in a couple of years. A.Silva and GSP have come as close to clearing out a division as anybody has, and both have multiple title defenses over the coarse of several years. Jones just got his title and defended it for the first time. 205 is a murderers-row of a division, so I don't think that Jones will be without meaningful challengers anytime soon. I'd say let him defend the title 5 or 6 times at least before moving to HW. Maybe pull a Silva though, dabble, get a couple HW fights without officially moving up.

hes just to tall and his reach is too much for anybody at 205.

I won't lie I was impressed with jones performance, but look at his legs, if someone honestly leg kicked him and take his movement he'd be obsolete, just look at after his fight both of his feet were iced up because he doesn't have enough muscle to cushion his tendons Phone Post

I think he gets bullied by your top end HW's at this point. No rush anyway, the division still has several viable contenders and Jones doesn't seem to have a HW body yet. I don't think he cuts a huge amount of weight.

Yeah. He makes weight but should be forced to fight much naturally thicker bigger fighters. The same dorks who insist that St. Pierre must fight Silva would make the same fucking stupid argument. Just another example of know nothing couch potato fans who have never competed in a real sport with weight classes and I am not talking about some bush league BJJ tourney in jerk water USA.