Jones wants to be Rashad's friend, after the fight

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                                Jones wants to be Rashad's friend, after the fight

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A verbal battle between former teammates Jon Jones and Rashad Evans has been unfolding for now many weeks on twitter. Among more conventional epithets thrown back and forth like Judas and baby, Evans caused a collective "Hunh? when he called Jones a "swagger jacker."  At the Super 7 meeting prior to UFC 129, Jones explained what Rashad meant.

“Swagger is what makes you sexy, it’s what makes you, you. So we have this stylist whenever there’s really big events going on and they want us to look good, look our best. I think I was sent to the same exact stylist (as Rashad), and I ended up wearing the same shirt, the same suit and the same tie that Rashad wore like a year earlier.

“So I show up at Jay Leno with this suit on and he sees the suit and he’s like ‘oh you’re copying my style’. It was totally not intentional, but a little embarrassing.”

Jones went on to express a desire to end the twitter bickering.

“It’s definitely going to be huge for the sport, teammates fighting each other. You know Rashad, we were friends and hopefully we can be friends after the fight. It’s just business. Like if the Patriots had a friend on the Jets it’s not like they can’t play each other in the Super Bowl. You’ve just got to get the job done."

“I think this whole Rashad Evans situation is really weird because the night before my Bader fight he came to my dinner and told me I was getting the shot against Shogun and he gave me his blessing. Now suddenly I’m the guy who betrayed him and all this type of stuff. I really don’t know how that happened.”

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So is this fight back on then? Phone Post

RickMartelsArrogance -  

Consider your swagger Jacked.

no 2 ways about it...


Is this Rashad/jones shit over yet? smh

That's cute. Phone Post

God I can't wait for Cain to beat the fuck out of him in a few years.

He doesn't remember how it started? I do. He said he would beat Rashad in a interview. A good memory must not be one of his good attributes. Phone Post

I have to show this to my husband. I tried and failed at explaining what "swagger jacker" meant.

Reckoner - Umm, the Patriots CAN'T play against the Jets in the Super Bowl.

You can see Anderson peering through Jones' soul in that video. I would not be so quick to say they won't fight before he retires..


Jacked his style, his haircut, his camp and his title shot!

Rashad = PWNED, lol.
It's funny cuz it's true! Seriously though, if he isn't trying to jack Rashad's swagger then damn these are a lot of coincidences.


yeah ...kinda weird ^^^

True that. Jones jacked his swagger, haircut, camp, and title shot. But he looks better than Rashad in everyone of those. No homo.

I don't think I'm going to ever understand the jones hate, he's exciting, he finishes fights, and he doesn't talk a ton of shit. I guess since he wasn't in pride the old schoolers won't like him. Phone Post

Jones is a great fighter. But he knows damn well how all this started. His whole camp knows, and has talked about it. He ran his mouth about fighting Rashad when they had already agreed they weren't going to fight.

Anderson seems to be looking at Jones with something approaching love.

I never got off the rashad wagon, I think this is hilarious.


to be fair, Jones needed the tight fade BADLY, so its ok for him to steal that part of the swag.

Hunter V - to be fair, Jones needed the tight fade BADLY, so its ok for him to steal that part of the swag.


Next thing you know, he would have ended up with a Jheri curl.