Jorge Gurgel Seminar Recap!!!

I first want to thank Jorge Gurgel for another Great Seminar. Every time I have been fortunate enough to host or attend, I have always been amazed at the simplicity & effectiveness of the techniques he teaches.
Also, I want to congratulate Eric Pike (Jorge Gurgel / Michigan) & Braden Workman (Jorge Gurgel / Columbus). Both of these guys showed enough technique and skill that Jorge felt they were ready for their Blue Belts! I know they will wear them proudly and be ready for the step-up in competition.

One last thing, I want to send a SPECIAL thanks to the guys from Jorge's school in Michigan! These 3 guys drove 5+ hours to attend the seminar, after just having Jorge at their own school not 2 weekends before! This not only shows your dedication to BJJ, but you your team and to Jorge as well. Thank you very much!

Dustin Ware

Team Jorge Gurgel / Columbus



The guys in Michigan want the best for Team Jorge Gurgel wherever they are. I know they were looking forward to coming to your new place to meet you and the team. I heard it was a great time, of course there could not be any better instruction!!!!

I'll see you at the NAGA's!!!

I iwll be there on Friday helping to set up. Tell Clint he can call my cell anytime if he needs to reach me!

Email me if you need the number.



Thanks for putting on the seminar, and thanks to everyone for making us feel at home. It's great to see Team Jorge Gurgel filling its ranks with such good people.




No Problem! I will see you guys in a few hours!!!