Jorge Masvidal details Colby Covington's history of disrespect to family and friends

Well Jones and Woodley are unlikeable…


This doesn’t even make sense.

Jon Jones is a piece of shit. Shocking a guy who lived with him said as much.

And he said he would beat Woodley? So what?

Masvidal talking a bunch of empty nonsense. What he says doesn’t really say anything. Just empty bullshit.

Fucking lame. How about they just fight and not act like little school girls trying to make things out of absolute nothingness.


ha think your post just saved me from a frustrating experience

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I admit it does sound like that to me. BUT, that’s how you sell fights in our era. So I get why they’re doing it.

You disrespected your family and friends with your actions. Colby just capitalized on them.

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“He said mean things about Jon Jones! And can you believe it…he said he could beat Woodley after Woodley paid him $4,000! $4,000!!!

Masvidal just sounds like a complete bitch here. I understand how some idiots chose to sell fights these days, he’s just selling himself short instead and making himself look like a loser.