Jorge Masvidal releases promo video for Covington fight!

I am stoked for this fight!!!
Who are you picking to win?
Who do you WANT to win??

5:59 minute video

Footage of Colby / Masvidal Roomates


Tales from the Grind series (Jorge Masvidal) 2013

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Masvidal disappears after this fight

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I think Jorge would be more professional than that, but he did swing on Leon. lol.

I think Jorge needs to land something crazy like a kick to the liver or slice Colby up with elbows when they are on the inside. I think Colby can win with wrestling, but I hope his ego/confidence doesn’t make him want to stand with Jorge.


Part of me still doesn’t believe this fight is happening. I never get pumped for a fight until fight week or weigh ins, especially since the Covid and so many pull outs due to injury.

Masvidal is a HUGE star in the UFC right now to casual fans. He got that huge KO on Till, then set UFC record with Askren, then peaked with that celebrity event 244 BMF win over Nate Diaz. Sure he’s lost twice to Usman but in casuals opinions it’s no big deal because Usman is the champ.

It almost makes no sense for Masvidal to take this fight against Colby imo. I don’t see Masvidal ever becoming champion (unless possibly if Usman retires) and it’s a huge risk for Masvidal stock. Colby is still young in MMA and can still evolve and rebuild his stock imo, if Colby loses I feel he will want to come back, it will motivate him… but Masvidal has had 50 fights and it’s hard to tell where his mindset is at regarding his goals in UFC. If I was him I would just take exciting fights against guys ranked #5-15 or so. Get a warm up fight like they used to do.


I wanted to see Jorge vs Nick Diaz but not sure Nick will ever be motivated like he was. I’d be interested in the Nate rematch. UFC would like it if Masvidal sent him packing on a L.

Some fun fights would also be Jorge vs Matt Brown… or Jorge vs Carlos Condit, Jorge vs Robbie Lawler, etc.

Calling it now - brawl at end of the fight between fighter and teams - see Khabib vs. McCokehead.


Colby was just calling Jorge’s coach and former WEC champ Mike Brown a drug addict in a recent interview. It’s hilarious people still think this beef is fake.


Thats mean lol Mike Brown seems like a good guy


I wanna see Colby KO Mas, and mock him like (Tank/Matua and Mas’Kren


I’m definitely rooting for street jesus, the real maga champ


Yeah I’m a fan of Colbys schtick but that wasn’t necessary. I’ve never heard a bad story about Mike Brown.


Colby will eat the journeyman Jorge alive. And I like both of them.


Agree. I just hope Colby doesn’t stand with Masvidal.

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