JORGE PERIERA - Superfight

Does anyone have contact info on Jorge Periera from Southern Florida? At our last NAGA event he had asked if he could be put in a future Superfight and we have been unable to reach him.

If you have his school, cell or home number please email it to me at


He is Fighting in KOTC on Jan 24th and February 20th I will pass your email on to his Manager

good luck to Jorge in his fight. Jorge is an excellent fighter and teacher, very passionate about what he does.

Jorge Periera should fight Efrain Ruiz from the FFA. Efrain has won NAGA several times and is very well known locally. Efrain has many superfights under his belt, including two NAGA superfights. He is a BJJ brown belt on the verge of being a black belt.

Kipp, call me and let me know if we can do this.



Jorge can be reached at Club Fit in Pembroke Pines, Fl.


Is he teaching there?