Josh a Hypocrit

If Josh was so motivated by the love he has for his son who almost died,
why did he keep saying he wanted to kill Tait and send him home in a

Doesn't Tait have a family too that loves him? So why does Josh not
respect that bond too?

Shut up.

Why is it okay for him to talk about killing a man?

it goes both ways

Good point, but what i want to know is why can't Josh put his arms down at his side when he's standing.  He acts like he has mr. olympia like lats.

I don't like people talking about killing other people in this sport, just as i
don't like it in boxing either. It is good TV, and sells tickets, but it is not
cool... Especially when you draw inspiration from somebody who survived

I am not being ignorant. I think it is bad for the sport.

Josh should use this inspiration to motivate him to learn how to grapple,
so he can hopefully make a living as a fighter for a while. He can hit hard,
but he sucks on the ground.

He should chill with the Mike Tyson-inspired body bag comments and
learn to fight MMA as an intelligent warrior.

Because it's a fucking reality show, you idiot.

I agree with tfy. It's a stupid thing to say.

Considering you misspelled the word "hypocrite", Id say any attack or observation from you is pretty meaningless. At least you managed to show how fucking stupid you are, well done sir.

As far something being bad for the sport, if Josh really views Tait as being in the way of providing for his family, then Josh has every right to use whatever rhetoric or hyperbole he sees fit to express that.

You don?t want guys talking about killing each other, but you want to censor what they say? Oh I know, it?s because you?re a Stalinist

FiatLux - First, calm down. Take a deep breath. Sorry I misspelled
hypocrite. Please check on your own post for missing punctuation and
run-on sentences.

SpoxJox: Thank you for agreeing with me. Finally an ally!!!!!!

Formerly fat people tend to hold their arms out wide because they are so used to them rubbing on their fat. See Tim Silvia for another example. People do it with their legs as well and look bow legged.

clarenceworley: Can this be treated with counseling? Maybe in these
therapy sessions they can also discuss his need to state he is going to
send home his opponent in a bodybag!

Just kidding.... I am just trying to connect both aspects of this thread! ha

Ithink he said a "wooden box" not bodybag.

he can kill tait because tait wanted to kill his son even after tumor tait want to stop him from feeding son, without food, son will die, so he must kill tait first, the end.

I think he was speaking metaphorically. Look it up in the dictionary.


It still is bad for the sport. We want this sport to become a family sport,
like football or basketball, and that rhetoric sets us back.