Josh Barnett to produce shows !

It has been reported in several Japanese newspapers that Josh Barnett will be the Producer, Technical advisor, and talent trainer for a series of "Shootfighting shows".

This will be in conjunction with New Japan Pro Wrestling, which Josh is a part of.

This does not neccesarily mean only worked fights.

Last year, NJPW held two shows called "Ultimate Crush", which featured several MMA bouts (Lyoto's debut, Barnett / Ambriz, T.K. / Dolgosurim, T.K. / Morais, Shibuya / Balbataar to name a few)

This promotion will basically eliminate the name "Ultimate Crush". Matches will be two types - Shootfighting, similar to Tamura's U Style (UWFi, Rings), and full out MMA matches.

Josh has a passion for the stiff worked Shootfighting style. He also wants to continue MMA / Pancrase KOP matches. This promotion appears to be the perfect opportunity to showcase both types of fights.

More info. should be released about this promotion in the coming weeks. I like the idea.

sounds cool..but i want to see him fight nog, fedor, and cro-cop!!!!


Cool stuff.

That would be sweet, however, Josh and Fujita are both Inoki employees. I don't think that you will see either guy at the Pride Shows for awhile, considering the bad blood between Inoki and DSE.

I think there is a better chance to see Josh fight top Pride heavyweights if "they" jump ship ($$$$$) and come over to Inoki's promotion.

isn't inoki havin financial problems right now or something...i thought i read that...something about rich franklin signing a multi-fight deal...but he's looking for somewhere else to fight b/c there probably won't be an inoki show until the end of this year...i could be wrong though

croman: Even though he fought in Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye, I think Franklin signed with K-1. that the one?..thanks for clarifying

That is correct - Franklin signed with FEG / K-1.

It appears as though FEG and Inoki do have a working relationship however. Possibly siding with one another for an exchange of talent to compete with Pride FC.

For instance, Kaz Fujita is a "true blue" Inoki fighter / employee. He has been given clearence to fight for K-1's Spring show.

Inoki apparently is having some financial problems as a result of the New Years Show that did not do well in the ratings. They lost a bundle of yen.

This has happened before to Inoki, yet he continues to put on shows.

He announced late last year that he would be doing a Las Vegas MMA show in the Spring. Well thats not going to happen.

His next project using the moniker "Boom Bay Yea" is reported for the late summer, if at all. It was tentatively named Inoki "Boom Bay Yea - Gladiator".
It will not be in the USA.

Congrats to Josh!


This is good.Hope to see more of the Mad Mongolian Sumiya Dolgorsuren.His match with T.K. was not a good example of the talent he has.

Magic Sam - I agree 100 % ! I think that Dolgoserum could be a major figure on the MMA scene with the right training. He's possible the most powerful grappler in MMA. Brute strength.

Seemed a bit disillusioned after the T.K. fight. Freak injury (dislocating his elbow slamming TK). Hope he shows his face in the ring again.

Wild Celtic-how come you don't post at 4nzix anymore?Anyhow,a buddy of mine in Japan translated TK's diary from his trip to Mongolia with Inoki.Sumiya and his stable put on a Boke demo just for them.TK said that he now realizes that there's no way that he beat Sumiya.My good friend from Ulaan Baatar knows the Dolgorsuren family.He says Sumiya isn't the brightest bulb in the crew,but he's still the man.