please!!! tech question

hi Josh,

From your experience, what techniques have the highest % of success. Should we focus on a few techs??? how many?? thanks man!

that is a completly indivudual thing. personally, if
you are an adult id say to focus on a select few that
you really enjoy and seem to have a natural ability
for. adults dont have the time or general apptitude to
start out and learn the entire book of judo like kids

karazy is right that one fo those throws should be
included beucase they are the most common scoring
throws, but that is also a bit skewed becuase they are
also the most common throws done by japanese and asian
players in general who have spent an entire lifetime
developing them to that level. a small fact that nexer
gets included into those figures.

i think that a kouchi gari or ouchi gari is mandatory
for anybody in judo. if you cant use either of those
with some degree of scoring effect you really become
very 1 demensional. sasai is another option, could
very well be the easiest foot-sweep type throw to do.

Arigato guys!

Peter Sessinbacher(sp?) writes in his book, Modern Judo Techniques (awesome book, especially for lefties), that there are four throws that are the most consistently effective throws in competition. These throws are Ouchi Gari, Tai Otoshi, Uchi Mata, and Seionage. I highly recomend checking out this book (Osaekomi turned me on to it).