joy jones just got KOed

He looked like shit the whole fight and got koed in the 9th round WOW!!!!

I am overroyed.

good one


It was an unbelievable KO. Jones was seriously out.

Why overjoyed? Just curious.

It appears he is shot. Happened pretty fast. Makes me wonder much of Roy was "out the window" when Tarver beat him?

DD never said he's overjoyed. He says he's overroyed.


Roy dissappointed me with his inactivity...i wonder whats up with him...looks like its time to hang up the gloves. I'd love to see Tarver eat up Glencoffe tho!

Just glad he got up. I was having flashbacks of McClellan. He looked very poor 2nite. Its a shame, b/c he was great a few years back. He shoulda went out on top. was so weird. It was like he wasn't interested in fighting. Honestly, when I saw how smooth he was (physically....obvioulsy not technically) I thought that something was up.

He looked to be nowhere as ripped as he usually is....which is a sign that maybe he is under or overtraining?!?!? Diet=shit!??!

So not only is he losing his catlike reflexes and quick thinking, but physically is going south.