Judge v. Taylor in MN tonight!

At Canterbury park-

Check in MN-  Who you got?

I'm going with Austin. And I'll be there.

I just noticed that you used last names, and I only used a first name, so all the internet folks don't know what is going on. Austin Judge, TKO rnd 2.


Any results?

Rich Taylor rnd. 3 by rnc, congrats to Rich as he stayed 1 step ahead of Austin with a very fast pace.

Rich's striking looked good. He kept landing bombs and forcing Austin to clinch. From there, Rich's wrestling was good enough to keep Austin from putting him down. He got Austin down against the cage and landed some bombs as well. It was an awesome fight.

Big ups to both guys- Heard it was an absolute war

Thanks, it was fun.

Great fight. Austin Judge showed a lot of heart by staying in there for as long as he did.

After the fight, I asked Austin how many times he got rocked. His response: "I don't know. I only remember one."


The fight is  9 minutes in......

Does the video work?


for me it is.

 It doesnt work for me ........... :(        its too  choppy to watch......