Judges scorecards for Conor Vs Dustin!

Just one round, of course. 10-8’s

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10-9 Imo

I thought it was 10-9. Conor did some good work with those elbows from guard. I thought Dustin was clearly winning though and I felt he was going to clip Conor in the stand up in the 2nd round.

Judges from Japan hand out 10-8 rounds like it is no big deal

The scoring system in that country is much different than ours

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10-8 doesn’t seem right but at least they have it for Dustin.

I rewatched and think 10-8 is the right score.

At first I thought no way it was 10-8. But what the judges and everyone else saw was that conor barely survived the round. In real time idk how many people, the judges included, knew the fight wouldn’t continue because of conors injury.

If that injury happens 5 seconds earlier that’s a ref stoppage so I’m ok with 10-8.

Hopefully I articulated that well enough.

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I thought Dustin won the round but Conor was surviving the onslaught on ground, and the standup before was fairly even. There’s no way I saw a 10-8 rd.

Crazy that they had this round a 10-8, but not round 3 of Price vs. Pereira.

Definitely a 10-8, review this post (press the arrow icon):

Dustin vs. Conor, R1

  • 10-7
  • 10-8
  • 10-9
  • 10-10
  • 9-10

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I just re watched it. 10-8.

Conor was in rough shape at the end of the round. Dustin had control for 3 mins.

Here is the fight.

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Conor looked great on the feet. 10-9

Conor was saved by the bell. To me that justifies 10-8.


Dustin did more on the feet than Conor did.

So if Conor looked great, then Dustin looked even better.