Judo blues!!!

While doing some stand up at Bjj my knee hit ground during an exchange and boom I felt a real bad pain and had to stop. The problem was it was probably my fault due to being a little cold from showing up late. Man is it ever stiff today but I think I just bruised it.

I should have taken it easier and should start taking my knee pads to class if I think there may be stand up.

Any one got some good rehab tips other than RICE?


Start moving the knee through its entire range of motion or at least as much as possible. Start using your kneepads.

Thanks bro!

I actually used to do Judo for a long time before starting Bjj(brown belt) and my stand up has gone to pot so I think I get a little overzealous when we do do stand up.

Good luck in your recovery...

I got really luck bro. When I did it I thought "this is it!" "the knee injury I always knew would occur during Judo!"

But it was only a baaaaaad bruise. I have full range of motion and have no trouble walking or running now.

I just can't do deep knee bends or kneel on the mats with it.

I am so thankful that it wasn't more serious. I've been out before due to injury and it ain't pretty.


Whew, glad to hear it.


i am a skinny guy (70 kgs/154 pounds), so i get thrown around a lot...kneepads have helped me so much, that's what i recommend (but i'm no expert)...peace...


At least you had a reason for a bad knee for a bit. I've not been training for 5 weeks and all I can say is that I was biking alot before it went whack. It's not getting any better to and i'm resting it as much as possible.

MSF: I used to use kneepads when I used to do Judo but since I switched to Bjj I have tried to get away from them. I'm gonna always have them in the bag now just in case.

Mit, good luck with recovery...MSF