Judo Book by Vladimir Putin

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Most guys say he isn’t very good.


… and then they are mysteriously poisoned.


Why is that? His Judo doesn’t look that great.

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The key to victory is applying some polonium to the outer part of your kimono.


My old Sambo coach Dave Rudman was a highly decorated Sambist. He founded Sambo 70 and was good friends with Putin. He said he was good

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Apparently Putin called Rudman his idol

Today it has become fashionable to call the President of Russia your idol. Swimming in the evenings in the pool, warming up in the mornings in a kimono, skiing with might and main on vacation - why not an example to follow? But finding a person whom Putin himself would call an idol is much more difficult. And yet once Vladimir Vladimirovich let it slip. He admitted: when he was doing judo and sambo, a portrait of David Rudman hung in his room. The most famous Soviet sambist. World champion, multiple champion of the USSR and the owner of many other, no less honorary titles. On April 13, he turned 60 years old …

VICTORY-2001 \ P. Rozhkov, D. Rudman, V. Putin
By the way, the president met the idol only a year and a half ago. Both were invited as guests of honor to the SAMBO tournament. And although they were sitting in different stands, when Putin saw David Lvovich among the guests, he, violating the protocol, immediately invited him to his box. What they talked about there - Rudman does not tell. Only - whether in jest, or seriously - he remarks: “It is natural that a master of sports in sambo became the President of Russia.”

Actually, now David Lvovich lives in America, in New York. But we met in Moscow. In the famous Sambo-70 school, founded thirty-odd years ago by Rudman himself.

— David Lvovich, you are a strong man. Experienced for your 60 a lot. Was there a moment when you felt defenseless?

— Yes, on September 11, 2001, when the twin towers of the World Trade Center collapsed… It is very difficult to put it into words. Moreover, I live ten minutes from the World Trade Center. And in the morning, after a daily jog along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, I turned on the TV and … For several minutes, the words of the announcer were spinning in my head. I didn’t believe my ears. I couldn’t believe my eyes when they showed the ruins. And only then I remembered that my son, who also lives in New York, was driving to work through the Manhattan tunnels just at that time. I frantically started calling his cell phone. What did I experience then? Shock is an understatement! It doesn’t matter if you’re strong or weak, smart or not. If you were there, nothing would help…

  • Can you remember the biggest disappointment in sports?

  • Not the most, but it was a shame when I could not become the first at the World Judo Championship in Mexico City. Although I was determined to win. We spent a whole month at the training camp in Tsaghkadzor, getting used to the highlands. We thought that in transit through Moscow we would immediately fly to Mexico. But in the capital it turned out that the head of the delegation did not have a visa. Because of him alone, the whole team was stuck in Moscow for five days. As a result, we arrived just a day before the start - and all the preparations went down the drain. I have never had such a pitiful form! In the semi-finals, he caught the world champion - the Japanese - in a painful hold. But it wasn’t enough to keep…

  • I wonder: how did you even get into wrestling? Have you dreamed since childhood?

  • It was impossible to call me a sports child even with a stretch - in physical education, in any case, I had a solid C. And yet life forced me: I went to the section in order to be able to stand up for myself. Of course, I didn’t think about any career …

  • And as a result, you became not only a famous athlete, but also created your own school - “Sambo-70”. But, to be honest, it doesn’t fit in my head: why did you need this when you were still performing yourself? Trainings, competitions, training camps, and then a bunch of students…

  • It was just then that I realized that I had already learned everything I could in SAMBO. And I wanted to share my experience. I started writing books to tell in all the details of the fight… You know, when I first started practicing SAMBO, the number of moves was very limited. Improving, I came up with new grips, new tricks and throws. And when I used them in competitions, the losers were often surprised: how, they say, did you do it? Well, sometimes I even stood right before the award ceremony and showed my opponents the tricks I invented. Coaches and friends were always surprised, asked why I was doing this, revealing all my trump cards. But I, firstly, showing my opponents a new technique, always already knew how to act against it. And secondly, I have always been interested in sharing my inventions. That’s why I created the school. Although then I could not imagine that my offspring would grow so much.

When I opened the school, it was generally a semi-basement. I hung ads on poles - and fifteen people came to the first training session. Someone wanted to learn how to fight, someone was often offended. But I immediately explained to the students: SAMBO is primarily a sport. And not the opportunity to trump tricks in front of friends … When we worked with the boys, I did all the exercises with them. We even did morning runs together. I got used to the role of a mentor so much that I came to tournaments later than everyone else. Although this was a plus. When you live in the same hotel with future rivals for a long time, you communicate with them, then it is difficult to tune in to the fight.

  • Did you only train boys at school?

— No, no, not only. We arranged all sorts of gatherings, tea parties. Even discos. And those guys who did not study at my school were very envious. They caught my guys on the street to measure their strength. They tried to get into our disco. They stood at the entrance and asked: where can I get a ticket? And we didn’t have any tickets, only our own were allowed in. Only the best wrestler and exemplary student could invite a friend or a girl.

David Rudman is awesome. Spoke broken English lived in Brighton Beach. Self proclaimed much better on the ground than throws. His first published book he autographed and wrote to my first American Student. He knew everyone in that community and would often have us train with world class guys. I fell out of touch with him years ago

David Rudman The Sambo Professor


Russians can all go die

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That’s not cool. Rudman was one of the nicest guys

I don’t make the rules. They’re our mortal enemies.

phatcat, do you think Russians are your mortal enemies? The question stands for all Americans here.

No - I would say some Russians in power - yes . It’s the equivalent of what we have here. Biden and all the shitbag Democrats are probably perceived poorly on the world stage and rightfully so - yet they don’t represent one dam thing about me or 99% of the people I associate with with/

I thought this was a Judo forum?

Rudman was both. Also extremely similar. The throw’s identical until the change in leg grabs.

Rudman explaining ground game

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