judo competitor loses gold not

because he is visually impaired BUT......

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Paralympic judo competitor loses gold


ATHENS (AP) - A visually impaired judo competitor from Cuba lost his Paralympic gold medal Friday after testing positive for a banned substance.

Sergio Arturo Perez tested positive for prednisolone, an anti-inflammatory agent, International Paralympic Committee spokeswoman Miriam Wilkens said. Perez also received a warning but no further sanctions.

Prednisolone is not a performance-enhancing substance in judo,'' Wilkens said.Therefore, we can apply the minimum sanction, which is a warning and reprimand and a loss of the results and his gold medal.''

Perez was tested after winning the 60-kg class Sept. 18.

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"maybe he couldn't see what he was taking".said doctor ortiz.

if its not performance enhancing, why take away his gold medal?

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becuase he's a dirty cuban.

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wth? If it doesn't enhance performance or if it's for a medical condition ... doesn't make sense.

what Bull said.......

yeah yeah BULL ,i get called that every time i go down south so it really doesn't bother me anymore.

to me calling someone a gringo ,is the same as using the N word.....it's up to you if you want to turn it around like that.....

by saying cubans are dirty means (IMO) they are all on drugs or at some point were.

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"to me calling someone a gringo ,is the same as using the N word"

Far from it Johntucker, not even on the same scale. Tell me how many times you said the "N" word to someone's face?

this guy has made nasty remarks about cubans in 2 judo threads now.

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There's no place here or any where for deragtory remarks about anyones race, creed or culture.

yea.. gringo does not = the N word...

all the same.. i dont think the cubans cheat often in judo.. or, no more than other nations do in sports. they were, afterall, in cahoots with the former soviets back in the day though...

i don't think i said anything that's not true.i was there before and didn't even bother to take my gi's back home with me.it looked like i went to the beach every day in my gi and rolled around in the mud.(black dirty mud)

if i think they don't wash the mats as often as they should and that some of them might be on the juice so be it who cares.

Prednisone is a steroid - not an anabolic steroid but a corticosteroid. An anti-inflammatory hormone similar to that produced by the human body. (Related to cortisone). Athletes don't take corticosteroids for perfomance enhancement per se, but corticosteroids do cause weight gain, can increase strength to a degree and cause agressivenes.

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I think the term "gringo" is only as offensive as calling someone from northern USA a "yankee". I'm a "gringo" and a "yankee" and do not feel offended by the terms as it indicates where a person is from in geographical terms. Definitely it is not the insulting impact of the "N" word whose use can get your ass kicked butt good.

I would be offended if someone called me a "cracker" or something along those lines though.

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You're right.
Gringo is a term used by latin america for white looking people, be it an American, Canadian, German, Etc.

It is by no means considered an insult unless it is accompanied by other words suchs as Gringo Culiao, etc.
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Judo man - The term gringo isn't just for white or white-looking people. Blacks from America get called gringo or yanqui too.