Judo Flag Carriers in the Olympics

This is taken from Wayland's post in the Judo/Sambo forum.

Check out the huge number of judo flag carriers:

The Following 18 judoka are flag carriers at this years Olympics:

Georgia - Zurab ZVIADAURI (men's -90kg)

Gabon - Melanie ENGOANGUE (women's -78kg)

Indonesia - Krisna BAYU (men's -90kg)

Iraq - Hadir LAZAME (men's over 100kg)

Iran - Arash MIRESMAELI (men's -66kg) or/and Seyed Mahmoudreza MIRAN FASHANDI (men's over 100kg)

Spain - Isabel FERNANDEZ (women's -57kg)

Israel - Ariel ZEEVI (men's -100kg)

Kazakhstan - Askhat ZHITKEYEV (men's -100kg)

Canada - Nicolas GILL (men's -100kg)

Costa Rica - David FERNANDEZ (men's -60kg)

Great Britain - Kate HOWEY (women's -70kg)

Mongolia - Damdinsuren NYAMKHUU (men's -81kg)

Niger - Abdou ALASSANE DJI BO (men's -66kg)

Netherlands - Mark HUIZINGA (men's -90kg)

Hungary - Antal KOVACS (men's -100kg)

Uzbekistan - Abdullo TANGRIEV (over 100kg)

Portugal - Nuno DELGADO (men's -81kg)

Fiji - Naisiga RASOKISOKI (women's -78kg)

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Canada made a mistake in their selection.

A total disgrace, in picking a "separtist" from Quebec.

As a Canadian, I am not upset with the choice. The guy is a Judoka representing us. I don't expect every athlete to conform to my personal opinions to be able to compete.

We're a country that allows freedom of thought and speech. he has his opinion. I do not agree but he is welcome to have it and I would fight for his right to do have it as well.

TTT for more televised Judo!

Im from Vancouver, BC. Nicolas had my full support for carrying the flag.

And, ya, thats a lot of flag bearers, pretty cool.


Yeah, I noticed that there were a lot of Judo flag-bearers.

I was drunk...didn't the Minotaur and the man on the cube freak you out? The pregnant lady with the glowing stomach...the torch bearers walking into the sky...it was like a damn Pink Floyd concert.

i respect Gill but it is a little strange. A separatist does not believe in our flag and country. otoh, most of the athletes are probably quebecers, so what you gonna do

I'll tell you what you do. You put your political issues aside and support them as athletes striving to do their best.

That's what you do.

Don't let the politics ruin it. We can all fight later.


Gill ain't a separatist anymore...