Judo in 2008 Olympics

In past Olympics Judo was very hard to catch due to limited TV coverage. Anyone have an ideas on how or where it would be best to find them, short of scanning the TV guide?

It was on every night in 2004 in the U.S.

I believe. At like 1 am.

and on some crap channel.

but it was there along with women's sailing!

The problem with watching all that sailing is too many rules in the way of the action. Like no ramming, no boarding other boats, no making the losing skipper walk the plank.

Other than that they really captured the feel of watching a boat go around a buoy from 2 miles away while listening to the sound of the wind going past the announcer's microphone.

and its such an amazing skill to stay awake while sailing on such a gorgeous day...

The sailing absolutely killed me. 45 minutes of it, followed by the women's under 2 kg gold medal match in which neither competitor could get a good grip on the other's gi and so they gave the win to whichever was taller.

This year, they say we (I work for GE, parent of NBC UNiversal) are going to have more coverage of the Olympics than ever before. Man I hope so.

TTT for Women's Sailing!!

Any plans for a webcast? I'm hoping the BBC will do one, but they usually aren't available outside the UK

Doesnt the sailing keep the women from the mud wrestling event?

I think watching Judo on television is a lost cause. People usually post the Judo coverage to a torrent tracker and in the past it was in Japanese.

how did this thread go from judo to sailing lol??!!

Will they show more judo if the wind is dead?