Judo in Boulder, CO?

Hey dudes. I think I just got a job in Boulder, CO, and was wondering if anybody knew of a good Judo school out there? I'll probably be there for most of the summer, and maybe longer.

Thanks much.


Also, (for background) I'm mostly a BJJ guy with terrible standup. I've done a little Judo, but I've barely had time to train BJJ in college, let alone Judo as well.

Please help me keep this up!


Boulder Judo Club. Brian Olsen is the head coach there. he is a 97 World Bronze Medallist at -90kg and looks as if he will be going to his 3rd Olympics now.

Oh shit! I had no idea Boulder had that guys of that
caliber, but that is fricken awesome. Thanks much,
Resnick. Man, they also have Boulder BJJ, which is a
pretty strong jiu-jitsu club. This is starting to
sound fun...


IF/when you reach the appropriate level, youll find yourself facing some really, really tough competition in CO. first off, the US OTC (Olympic Training Center) is in CO Springs (bout an hour or two south)and their guys do compete locally from time to time. There is also the Northglenn dojo which has some of the best players and coaching of any club in the US..

If i were you, id check out Northglenn as well as Boulder. I know youll be closer to Boulder, but youd do yourself a disservice to not go there to check it out-- their coach is unreal and was a very good player for Japan in his day. Not to mention they have one of the best guys in the US at -60kg and his younger brother as well as a ton of others who are national level or retired from being national level.

CO is just an unreal place to learn judo, thats all there is to it.

Damn. Sounds better and better. I'd love to think I'll
someday reach that level, but I'm probably starting
Judo too late for that. I'd be damn happy if I was
able to become respectable on my feet, and a demon at

Thanks a lot for all the info, Josh. I was planning on
moving to Washington DC with some friends, and was at
first a little bummed that I wouldn't get to chill
with them. Now that I'm hearing so much good stuff
about Judo and BJJ in Boulder, I'm really starting to
get excited.

And the job offer is in Geology, which is the field
I'll be graduating with a degree in, so I may actually
make money, too.


I know this isn't exactly what you are asking for, but if you want to improve your newaza skills, Amal Easton is a Gracie Barra blackbelt up there and one of the nicest guys and best teachers I met. His school's URL is www.bjjboulder.com or www.boulderbjj.com
I believe. His student Elliot Marshall won both the IGJJ and Pan Am gold medal in the purple belt division last year and Amal himself was the only American to win his match in the Team USA v. Team Brasil challenge at the Pan Ams.

Heh. Thanks dude. Read my second and fourth posts,
though. (Four was edited to correct a grammatical
error, nothing else.)

But yeah, as of now, I'm planning on hitting up both
Boulder BJJ, and Brian Olson's club. Are you from the


Oh, whoops! No, I'm from Atlanta, tell Amal him Steven Abood said hi.

Okay, cool. Will do.



I am from the area and spent my first 12 years in judo at Northglenn Judo Club before coming here to San Jose State. As far as mat space and bodies to practice with you can't beat Northglenn. They have a 40'x80' mat space with plenty of people to fill it. They are not only the biggest judo club in the state of Colorado but one of the biggest in the country. They have a great parents program with plenty of fund raisers that make sure everyone is getting to the tournaments they need to be. It's a great community and I recommend checking them out. There is a couple police officers from the Boulder area that trains there as well so the drive is not far.


Yeah, I "third" the Northglenn vote. Ichi Otaka is a great player/coach,and there are a LOT of bodies to work with.

Ichi is very good on the ground as well.

Ben R.

I'll definitely check both places out, but I remember thinking that the schedule at Brain Olson's club coincided better with BJJ Boulder.

Doesn't really sound like I can go wrong either way, though.


Thanks for all the suggestions, guys, I really appreciate it.


I envy your opportunity.

Greg congrats on your graduation!! Get in touch with me before you go I have a few things for you.

Hey, thanks Paul. I finish finals on Thursday, so hopefully I'll be by the club a few more times before I leave.

One of my few regrets about Oberlin was I was always too busy to get into a good rhythm training both Judo and BJJ. Really wish I had been able to spend more time at Chu To BU Judo club, great bunch of guys.