Judo in Colorado Springs (awesome)

I had the chance to train at Timberline Judo School and man was it awesome. I am a BJJ guy but when ever I go to another state I always bring my Gi. I looked in the yellow pages for Bjj, or grappling and the only thing that I found was a Judo school. So I decided to attend and learned some really good Judo throws that will help my game, and taught some Tech. to them.

The thing that I found incredible was how awesome and generous they were, no ego, just great people willing to trade knowledge. If you have the chance and you are in Colorado Springs please make an effort to visit this school. Watch for the 14 year old female that will drop you opn your head..


WILL DO.. how long will you be there?

Colorado Springs desperately needs BJJ/grappling. With such a large military presence in the city I have to think a good instructor would do very well there.


if you think timberline is good you wouldnt even be able to believe what the team at the OTC is like (coached by eddie liddie- 84 olympic bronze). though, timberline is coached by former OTC team members.

you should also check out the Northglen judo club in Denver... no joke, they are one of the top clubs in the country with unreal coaching. there is also the Boulder judo club that is coached by Brian Olsen (97 world bronze medallist).

Come by my school sometime if you are in the area.

Zingano BJJ
9053 Harlan St, Suite 40
Westminster, CO 80031
(303) 430 9000 - 1 888 Tap U Out


Mauricio Zingano

P.S: Check out the website for the schedule, www.zinganobjj.com

Joshua, do you train at Northglenn?

I train with Dave Camarillo here in San Jose Ca. one of his primary instructors. While I visited Timberline I taught some classes and they really enjoyed it. Todd Brehe and Dave are good friends and we are looking at coming to the Springs for a seminar in Jan. and this may lead to an affiliation with Dave who would come out every couple months. What do you think? I will tell you this I am very impressed with Todd and it would be very hard for me to train somewhere else due to his kindness and generosity. I do appreciate the offers. Maybe next time we can all get together and exchange knowledge. My brother is stationed out at Carson so I will be in the area alot more.


How far is your Academy from the springs?


Malloy, I'm not sure, hous and a half?

I will have to come see you next time....

i didnt know D.C. was pals with Brehe.. it doesnt shock me seeing how dave has been around in the judo world since before he knew any different and so had Todd.. Dave is doing really well for himself out here in San Jose.. I miss him on the team at SJSU though-- he was a great training partner to have around. newaza wasnt so much fun for me with him, but standing was a hoot. =) he has a huge footsweep if you are a lefty.

There isnt much love between myself and Brehe because of some political stuff, but he is a good guy who means well at heart and he sure as hell is a good coach and was a very good player.

judo clubs generally are not uptight, or even caring 1 bit, about people going to other clubs to workout. going to multiple clubs in judo is not at all unsual and i dont know of any coaches who would even blink an eye at it-- including Brehe or anybody else in CO.

one sided war..

I'll be down there in a couple weeks maybe we can hook and train ..


i was there a couple of months ago..and i was actually suprised there are NO BJJ clubs there.. being that there is a strong military presence not to mention the benefits of altitude training.. i wish i lived out there i would definately be part of the movement to get things rolling... i live about 6 hours away @ FT. RILEY..but have family there and visit frequently.

Well we need to get some Jiu Jitsu out in the area I will talk with Dave and Todd and get a seminar ASAP, i just need to know who would be interested. Mike

hopefully we get FT.Carson as our next duty station...


It's going to happen Dave and Todd have been talking and it looks as though BJJ will be coming to the Springs, Timberline is currently looking to expand to a larger building so nothing but good things will happen. This will not only be a great thing for the Springs but it will also be good for USA Judo and Jiu Jitsu. If you have any questions please let me know and I will try and answer them. Mike