Judo in Dallas Texas?

Can anyone tell me about the Judo scene around Dallas?  I'm trying to fit some Judo training into my schedule and I'm looking for something around work (downtown) or home (635 & 75).

I was looking at these 3 schools.

1.  Kodokan Judo - CSSD Tamura Judo Program

The CSSD Tamura Judo Program is named after sensei Vince Tamura, the highest ranked Judoka in the United States (seen to the left), and the teacher to most of our Judo instructors.  The program consists of two classes per week and is team taught by Sensei Jim Webb and Sensei Kamil Kuroda.  The program utilizes the USJA curriculum for both juniors and adults.

On Sunday afternoons, sensei Jim Webb (a USJA 7th degree Black Belt, kneeling on the left) runs the judo skills class from 5:30-6:30pm.  If you are new to Judo, this class will give you the fundamentals you need to succeed in Judo.  If you have experience or prior training, then this class will help you to perfect your skills and technique under a master instructor.  Testing is done on a quarterly basis with information here on requirements, costs, etc.

Sensei Kamil Kuroda teaches the Friday night class from 7-8:30pm.  Sensei Kuroda has 30 years in Judo and brings a warm, capable teaching style to the class.  This is a traditional Kodokan Judo program following USJA guidelines. 

The picture to the right shows Jim Bregman, Olympic medalist in the 1963 games and past president of the United States Judo Association/USJA, throwing our technical advisor and instructor Jim Webb (the current president of the USJA).  The picture was taken  during sensei Tamura's promotion ceremony to Kudan (9th degree Black belt) in 2004 at the Chamberlain Studios headquarters dojo.

Tuition is $70/month


2.   www.dallasjudo.com

3.  http://www.becerrajudo.com/main.html

I do believe that Fukuda Sensei was promoted to 9th dan before Mr. Tamura. As was Ed Szreiter.

I hate to mention Mr. Szreiter in the same sentence as Ms. Fukuda, but there you have it.


Becerra Judo is $30 / six weeks. It is competition focused, with a very strong junior team and nationally ranked players, but not a whole lot of seniors.

John Carmack

My 2 cents:

-Kodokan Judo- Sensei Webb is a fantastic instructor, and Kamil has very good traditional Japanese judo. If you are a beginner or trying to build fundamentals go to this class. If you are looking for more competition or sparring this is not the class though... About 3-4 miles off the Dallas North Tollway and Loop 12/NW Hwy.

-Dallas Judo- Best competative club in North Texas (IMO). Lots of sparring (matwork and standing), half a dozen national level competitors. There is a beginners class I think but most of it is conditioning and sparring with less coaching. Most of the serious competitors in the area stop by here at least occasionally (saturday at noon is open mat if you want to check it out). At NW corner of 635 & Dallas North Tollway. ~$60/month

-Becerra's- Great club but focused on juniors. Don't remember where it is (it is the only club of the group I don't/haven't trained at regularly)

Also check out North Texas Judokai in Richardson (Hillcrest and Campbell I think). $25/month that is probably a good mix of instruction and some sparring.

E-mail me if you have any more questions: tmitchell@alumni.utexas.net

Dallas Judo is great. There is a bulgarian guy who is pretty sick and I enjoyed training with him.

Since you say "around Dallas", Tommy Dyer is in Fort Worth.

If you feel like driving to Oklahoma, visite USA Stars in Moore. Much sparring and much technique!

"Dallas Judo is great. There is a bulgarian guy who is pretty sick and I enjoyed training with him. "

I think that's where I trained at with Thomas Mitchell and I'll second judok@. Guyla I think is the bulgarians name and he is somtin else.

Guyla is the hungarian ringer :) he is a beast... took 2nd last year at the world masters championship.

Thanks for all the responses.  I think I'm going to check out Dallas Judo either this week or next.