Judo in Mongolia

Anyone know of any good judo clubs in Mongolia?

No, but I sure have seen some bad ass Mongolians on videotape in shiai.


is the official email of the Mongolian judo federation. I'm sure they could give you a list...

The IJF lists these as the best results for Mongolia...

The best results of Mongolian athletes

Name Tournament Year Medal

  1. DAMDIN Tsend Olympic Games 1980 Silver
  2. DAVAADALAI Ravdan Olympic Games 1980 Bronze
  3. NARMANDAKH Dorjpalam Olympic Games 1996 Bronze
  4. BALJINNYAM Odvog World Championships 1989 Bronze
  5. BATTULGA Dashgombo World Championships 1989 Bronze
  6. NYAMLHAGVA Purevdorj World Army Championships 1998 Gold
  7. BOLDBAATAR Haliun World Universidad Games 1998 Gold
  8. ERDENET-OD Hashbat Asian Games 1998 Gold
  9. BOLDBAATAR Haliun Asian Games 1998 Gold
  10. NARMANDAKH Dorjpalam Asian Championships 1996 Gold
  11. ERDENET-OD Hashbat Asian Championships 2001 Gold

Maybe once you get a list of clubs you could see if any of these people practice there...mind you, I have a feeling that they have some strong sambo teams as well...

You can contact Aaron Fields at http://www.seattle-jujutsu.org/

He has spent many years in Mongolia and may have some contacts for you.

Cool list, where did you find it - on the IJF website? Good to see Battulga and Boldbaatar on there - they gave a seminar in Singapore last weekend that I wish I could have attended.

boldbaatar was a freak. i remember being at then shoriki cup when he was invited to compete there. id was odd, his right forearm was this massive popeye like thing and his left was no bigger than mine.

by the way, he was a 96 Atlanta Olympic bronze medallist... he threw pedro for ippon the 2nd round with drop seio and they both went on to medals.

There is a guy in the DC area named Dan who used to do mongolian wrestling (it may have been his ethnic background not sure.)

He was Tough! and he was a lefty like me so when we randori together it was like 2 dump trucks doing ballet. (Where did this term come from?)

yeah, I just searched the IJF site...