Judo in New York City

I'm spending some time in NYC and I would appreciate any information on some Judo/SAMBO schools in Manhattan.

Any ideas? I can find BJJ, but found it tough to pick out good Judo/SAMBO schools based on internet searching...

Thanks a lot!

I hear Oishi's is very good

Oishi's schedule: M-F @ 7-8:30 pm. I heard he changed it to 6:30 and Sat @ 1 pm.

Day classes: MWF- 12 pm


I've trained at Oishi's when visiting NYC. It's a good group of guys. Since you mention Sambo, Sambo Steve has a club right in the Times Square area. I'm sure he'll reply to you soon.

If you want to venture out of Manhatten, Spartak in Queens is a very tough club. Starret in Brooklyn is also great.

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Thanks again dynamo