Judo in NYC

Were is the best place in NYC for JUDO training i know there is like a olimpic level place does anyone now the website? I have a friend who has a son who wrestles and wants to do some judo.

Thanks Guys

Oishi. Not the best caliber of guys go there day-in/day-out, but the instructor is cool as shit and very knowledgable. He has created many champions and works great with kids too.

ttt thanks anyone know about any other ones. And websites would help.

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Go to the Judo/Sambo Forum, I TTTed from the archives for you. Plenty of info on NYC Clubs.

dynamo were can i find those forums?

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Click on XYience.com General Forums then scroll down and click on Judo/Sambo

Thanks Alot its very appreciated

Andrew, if the guy is in westchester (or willing to drive there) there is a very good judo school in scarsdale.


How good is the place and how far. And hope you had a good christmas when you coming back to visit kid.


Is Starrett near the city?

Isnt Jason Morris (barcelona silver medalist who lost to yoshida in finals) from nyc?

thanks, hope you had a good one too.

I'd like to come up but I'm heading to Japan in like 3 weeks and have to get a ton of work finished and shit for my trip together. Which day is the big MMA day now, Sat or Sun?

They are in Scarsdale which is like 20 minutes from the city with no traffic. From their website "WE ARE NOW #5 IN THE COUNTRY and #1 in NEW YORK State VISIT AND SEE www.usja-judo.org"

I went there once about a year ago, the instructor seemed like a good guy. There was a guy training there who wrestled at Sacred Heart before I had gotten there. From what I was told there were about 5 guys who ranked top 10 in their weight classes in the country. They seemed pretty good, actually knew what they were doing on the ground compared to some of the horror stories I've heard of judo schools. Practice was pretty tough, more like a wrestling practice in the way of calistenics.

It all seemed good, but I was poor at the time so I didn't join.

Jason Morris is up near Albany (Scotia)