Judo in Torrance, CA?

Anyone know of a good judo school in Torrance, CA?

I found Torrance Judo and Southbay Judo from a websearch.




Anyone train at or heard anything about these clubs?

Are there any others in the area?


off the top of my head i cant tell you which would be best for you. at local clubs the players will come and go sometimes. the best bet is to go to each club and see what is the best fit for you and your desires.

they are solid clubs in the LA judo scene. so, im sure the instruction is adequate.. but seeing how we dont know much about you and what you are looking for its hard to say for sure.

Thanks for the help!

I'm a beginner, no previous judo experience.

Yes, I'll definitely check out the clubs; turns out
their beginning adult classes are on the same days and times.

There's also a place in Long Beach,CA (Ogden Judo) which is a short drive from work and whose class schedule works better with mine. I'll have to visit
them too.

Goldmedal beat me to it. LOL

there is nothing wrong with going to very club that might work for you and giving each its fair chance to earn your membership.

also, there is nothing wrong with swiching clubs if you find one that you feel is more suited to your needs or desires at a later time. most judo coaches will understand if you talk it over with him and leave on good terms without saying anything negative about the former.