Judo Masterclass Ashiwaza

What is your opinion on the book called "Judo Masterclass Techniques-Ashiwaza" by Nobuyuki Sato


I read it this summer and liked it. The Judo Masterclass series is great.

Where are you located 'indiana' judo? There are several good schools in Indiana.

Ashiwaza are great tech. I have several of the Masterclass books but not that one. I have no doubt that anything put out by Sato is good. The book he cowrote "Best Judo" is amazing.

This is the best masterclass book, in my opinion. Great detail on setups for the more difficult footsweeps. Also get Mike Swains Ashiwaza II to cover the more common ones. Bear in mind that Sato is a left hander.

Swain is also a left-hander.

I just use tracing paper, draw in stick figures w/ different colors, and reverse it, lol.

The problem with that Liyon, is that typically, a lefty gripping against a
righty is different from a lefty gripping another lefty, or a righty vs. a


Sato shows both approaches (ai yotsu and kenka yotsu) but the fact that he's a lefty means everything is the opposite side which is difficult to visualise.

Also some sweeps come up more often for a left hander vs a right hander than in a right vs right match and he concentrates a lot on these.

He does show very good setups though and its a great book.

yeah, i liked mike swain's ashiwaza II, very good book.