Judo or wrestling?

which one shall i beguin? I want to add it to my No Gi grappling

Some of you are gonna tell me that for no gi grappling wrestling is the best but I like the Judo style of throwing.

Keep in mind that I live in France and that the judo instruction is High level there for very little money.

is it possible to practise judo and to add it to No gi grappling.

"freestylers say that they do throws as well and that there is no need to do judo/greco etc cos its all covered by freestyle."

That's an incomplete critique by the freestylers.

What I will say is that many judoka have difficulty translating their throws to a no-gi situation. Those who can make the transition though do amazingly well.

I've seen wrestlers who augmented their skills with judo and they were great. I've also known judoka who augmented their skills with wrestling. they both benefitted. What I'm saying is that neither is complete.

I'd say this should be answered based on the level and type of instruction you will receive. I guess cost is a factor, too.

I stick with a "no answer".

Thanks Leigh but if you had the choice just between the two (not enough time), which one would you choose?

Knowing that you have the choice between high level instruction in Judo and pretty good level instruction in wrestling?

Yes.  Just train it without the gi as well - like Karo did.  Interestingly, guys who have better judo than Karo - like Yoshido and Pavel Nastula - don't seem to make their throws work the same way without the gi in MMA.  I think that Karo training gi and no gi with Gene Lebell his whole life helped him develop his judo for MMA. 

However, I believe the learning curve in judo is greater.  It takes a long time to get good in Judo. One can get a passable sprawl or takedown with six months of hard training in wrestling. 

It will be difficult to get a good throw that you could work live in randori or MMA from six months of judo.

I would do both.  Remember that Greco-Roman wrestling is actually French, and dates back to the 19th century.

Train Judo

the level of training will be much higher than any wrestling club you will find

"Remember that Greco-Roman wrestling is actually French, and dates back to the 19th century."

do not say that in the UG...you are gonna get burned...lol

Why not try doing both?  You don't have to do both at the same time, but one month of one, then one month of the other could work.  That way, you are only paying for one per month.  If, at any time, you decide that you like one more than the other, just stop going to the other one.

I can't say that I've ever heard of a Freestyle wrestler say they didn't have to learn Greco, but one of my best friends was a collegiate wrestler and is now a judoka.

I say learn them all - Boxing, Muay Thai, Freestyle, Greco Roman, Jiu Jitsu, Judo,  etc.  Hell, I've spent twenty seven years going from one to the other.

Dont do both at first. Pick one and then subsitute later with the other. IMO Freestyle tie ups and setups are much more advanced than judos in NO gi. Judo is an amazing art i would definately spendsome time studying. The judo guys rotation throwws and hip movement is definately more advanced.

People also forget the style of judomakes a diff. Karo is Russian style judo, Gokor comes from sambo and Gene was a wrestler as well, he was big into pickups. Russian/European style makes it alot easier to come to MMA IMO as opposed to Japanese style.

I say do both, if you cant then I would do Judo and explain to the instructors what you are trying to accomplish, that way they will show you how to get grips without the Gi.

level of judo in france = world class

level of wrestling = Cheik Kongo greco roman champion

do judo

Also wrestling is harder to pick up as an adult.

"level of judo in france = world class

level of wrestling = Cheik Kongo greco roman champion "


"level of judo in france = world class
level of wrestling = Cheik Kongo greco roman champion "


Wrestling first then judo. Many throws are hard to perform without the gi (unless you are Karo), but a good double or single leg take down can mean the difference in the match.

Additionally, the intensity is higher for wrestling then Judo, much more full speed training.

Before you Judo guys go crazy, I do both and I love judo.

that is...you have convinced me...i am gonna try to do both until I see which one fit more to my personality...


Dude - do Judo. You're in France where you can't throw a rock without hitting a Judoka...which means if you find a club and it doesn't fit your tastes, you can always find another club. How many wrestling clubs are there in France?

"...but I like the Judo style of throwing. "

question answered.

it is true that in France there are Judo club everfuckingwhere...lol

and a lot of them are pretty good.

I am gonna do Judo and one or two times a months practise wrestling with some friend.

Adding a little wrestling to the mix will only help your Judo, too.

I just checked on a map and there are 3 clubs at less than 2 miles from my place...I am gonna check them tonight see if I like any of them.